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What's the difference between 'Tutoring Mode' and 'Teaching Mode'?

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11 August 2021, 13:46

I'm curious about the differences between Tutoring Mode and Teaching Mode. What sets them apart from each other and which mode should my student be using the most?

17 August 2021, 10:06

Thank you for the wonderful question. 

Teaching Mode – By default, students will start at the beginning of each course they are signed up for in “Teaching Mode”.  Students will move quickly through any material they are familiar with and the system will slow down if they are struggling.  Normally it will repeat the videos if the student is needing extra help in that area.

Tutoring Mode – “Tutoring Mode” will allow your student to view all of the steps within the course and may jump to any step.


  • If you put the course back in “Teaching Mode” after using “Tutoring Mode”, the student will automatically resume from their last position in “Teaching Mode” so they will not miss any steps in the course.  They will end up repeating the future steps they did in the “Tutoring Mode”.
  • If you decide to have your student stay in “Tutoring Mode”, every step will need to be completed and marked ‘green’ before the student will be awarded a ‘Completion Certificate’.  They also cannot have any steps marked ‘red’ due to a non-passing score.


Thank you,

Power Homeschool Support Team

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