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How does Power Homeschool work?

17 August 2021, 10:38


Power Homeschool is a courseware delivery tool to help parents homeschool their children.

  • Parents can register for PHS by visiting the website.
  • Use of the courseware requires payment of a monthly fee of $25.
  • Students can be enrolled in up to 7 courses at a time.
  • Students are placed in courses automatically by age.  Electives are chosen by the parent.
  • Acellus uses deficiency diagnostics and vectored instruction to adjust courseware rigor.
  • Parents are able to monitor student progress through the live class monitor.
  • Parents have the option of using the teaching mode or the tutoring mode.  The teaching mode is preferred for students using the lessons as a course.  This mode is more transferrable to other schools for credit.  The tutoring mode is most useful for students that have fallen behind in their studies at school and need additional help.  In the tutoring mode, the student is able to select which lessons to view.  This is beneficial for students wanting to fill in gaps in their understanding, but is not the best mode for thorough mastery of a subject.

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