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How Can I Preview my Student's Classes?

19 August 2021, 10:07

From time to time parents temporarily switch their student out of "Teaching Mode" into "Tutor Mode" for additional practice or so the parent can preview the upcoming videos.

Changing to "Tutor Mode" will allow your student to view all of the steps within the course and may jump to any step.

If you put the course back in "Teaching Mode" after using "Tutoring Mode", the student will automatically resume from their last position in "Teaching Mode" so they will not miss any steps in the course. They will end up repeating any future steps that are done in the "Tutoring Mode".

Changing between modes can by done by completing the following steps:

Sign into your parent account and select 'Manage Account.'
Select the 'Edit' option by your student's name.
You may select the mode for each course and click 'Save' to apply the changes.

Once you have switched the course to "Tutoring Mode", you can preview the student's videos by logging into the student's account and clicking on that course. You will be able to scroll to any step and view the videos. (Note: if you allow the video to play to the end it will be marked as a completed step in the student's detail list, however, once you switch it back to "Teaching Mode" it will allow the student to re-watch that video when they come to it on the list.

If you decide to have your student stay in "Tutoring Mode", every step will need to be completed and marked 'green' before the student will be awarded a 'Completion Certificate'. They also cannot have any steps marked 'red' due to a non-passing score.

Once every step is marked green, a new step will appear at the bottom labeled 'End of Course'--listed below the Final Exam. You will then be able to click on that step and complete out the course.

The "Tutoring Mode" was originally designed only for students wanting to supplement or skip around in the course. It is not the suggested mode if a completion certificate is desired.

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