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06 December 2021, 12:59

Hello, Is there a whole year Calander available for days my child should attend? How many hours should my child do per day, and the holidays should my child be off? I do Not see any calendars on the portal. Thank you.

Melissa Rydeen

07 December 2021, 9:07

Since Acellus Academy is entirely self-paced, we do not require students to sign in at specific times. Instead, we make the program available 24/7 year-round so that you can set up whatever schedule works best for your student’s specific schooling environment.

This enables parents to plan breaks and vacations as needed for their students. If they do not log in on a particular day, we will assume that you have excused them for that day, and they will not be considered absent, and their grade will not be impacted. 

We give credit based on mastery of the course material. Here is a link to monitoring student progress: Monitoring Student Progress. Your student’s attendance report will be marked green on days when they attend, and when they do not log in, the attendance will be left blank.

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