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Designating Breaks

19 December 2021, 22:37

Hello.  Can you confirm if there is a way to enter timeframes that are a designated break for students, such as holidays?  I understand this is a self-paced program, however my child does not want to be labeled as being behind.  For some children, this is very demotivating.  It would be much better if the program could recognize when a student is not expected to work.  I was looking for a calendar or some other feature, but cannot find this.  Any help is appreciated, thanks.

20 December 2021, 10:55

Parents are able to plan breaks and vacations for their students at any time. Because our program is self-paced, it is not necessary to edit the goal each time your student will take a break. The goal is optional and will not impact a student's grade, and will be reset each week. 

If you would like, you can edit the goal when your student will not be attending full-time, and then increase the goal when they are back to a regular school schedule. This is optional. Here are instructions on how to edit the goals:  Setting goals 

Because our school is self-paced, students will not be marked as absent if they do not log in. Attendance is marked on days when student's attend, and left blank when they do not. 



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