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Help viewing previous videos

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05 January 2022, 10:44

I would like to view videos my child has watched. Can I do that through the parent dashboard? I did not see a way to do that on either the parent or student's app. I would be ok with logging in as either but do not want it to affect my student's progress.

For example, my child is on lesson 34 in math, but I would like to view video 30.

06 January 2022, 8:01

There are a few different ways to re-watch the videos in Acellus.  While the student is doing the problems--after each video-- a 'Help' tab is available on the right-side of the screen. This tab gives the student access to re-watch the video just presented before answering the questions. If available, this is also where a student would find additional help videos that goes into more detail on that concept. 

Another way to review the lesson videos would be during the Review (before each Exam). During the Review, if the student comes to a concept they can't remember, the student can click on the same 'Help' tab and re-watch the lesson video that coincides with that question. This helps better prepare them for the Exam.

Finally, under the “Score” tab in the student interface, students can opt to “Retake for Credit” any of the previous steps they have already completed. When students click the ‘Retake’ button, Acellus immediately takes them to repeat that particular lesson.  As they are retaking that step, they will again be given the 'Help' tab with the option to re-watch the lesson video.  Once they have completed that step, they will return to their previous position in the course. 

TUTORING MODE:  From time-to-time parents temporarily switch their student out of "Teaching Mode" into "Tutoring Mode" for additional practice or so they can redo any previous steps without affecting the progression of the course. 

When the course is put back in "Teaching Mode" after using "Tutoring Mode", the student will automatically resume from their last position before the switch so they will not miss any steps in the course. 

Tutorial: Switching between "Teaching Mode" and "Tutoring Mode"


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