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Adding Additional Classes

10 January 2022, 10:02

We  signed up for 4 classes originally to give thing a try and would like to add additional classes to our students profile, however, I am not seeing that option. 

11 January 2022, 8:52

Parents are able to add additional courses at any time through the parent interface.  Students may even take courses in multiple grade levels if desired.

Use the Acellus App to sign into the parent interface. Click on “Manage Account.”



Select the 'edit' button next to the student’s name.



Scroll down to an empty set of boxes and select the following:

  • Subject – Browse different subjects
  • Grade – Select the grade for your student. This will bring up courses offered for that grade level, which will appear under the course drop-down box. (This field may be left blank for more choices in a particular subject or when looking for electives.)
  • Course – Courses appear in this box based on the grade selected.  Sometimes multiple courses are available for the same grade level and subject. 
  • Mode – Teaching/Tutoring.  Teaching Mode (recommended) starts at the beginning and leads the student through to the completion of the course.  This mode includes Vectored Instruction which is a powerful intervention tool.  Tutoring Mode allows the student to skip around in the course and redo any previous steps.  In this mode, every step must be completed to receive a completion certificate.
  • Weekly Goal – Each course is broken down into steps.  The number entered here will be divided into 5 days (Mon-Fri).  Students can check their goals by going to the 'Progress' tab in their account.  Parents may update the 'Weekly Goal' at any time through the year as needed.  Parents can check how many steps are in each course through the 'Syllabus' tab found in the parent interface.  



Finally, select the 'save' button next to the student's name. Once the changes are saved, the student will be able to see the new courses when they sign back into their student account.  The page may need to be refreshed if the student is already signed in.




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