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GPA Calculation

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18 January 2022, 9:30

Can someone help me understand how the GPA is calculated?  I understand how it is supposed to be calculated; however, when I try and calculate it  I come up with a GPA about 0.1 points higher than what is shown on the student's score page.

I have calculated this two ways: 1) Just took the average of the individual class GPA assignments and 2) divided the GPA class assignments by the total # of credits.  In the second instance, I accounted for the half-credit courses and divided the GPA assignment for those courses by 2.

18 January 2022, 13:24

If you believe that your student's GPA is being calculated incorrectly, you may want to contact our Support Team directly. They will be able to look at your student's specific report card or transcript, and can provide clarification for you. Contact Us

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