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Software making my high schooler retake entire units multiple times!

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29 January 2022, 7:49

My daughter is enrolled in General Chemistry, which is not a subject that she is GREAT at, but she is trying extraordinarily hard during the class.  The Acellus software has made her especially frustrated in this class, because it makes her retake entire units over and over again.  I'm attaching a printout of her daily work and scores in the class, which shows that recently, the program has made her restart a unit 3 times, even though she has passed (if not with very good scores!) 90%+ of the steps of the unit.

In other words, the program is making her re-do the entire unit instead of making her re-do the lesson that she struggled on.  THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!  It either needs to be fixed technically, or there needs to be functionality for parents to push a student on.  She's been on this unit for MORE THAN TWO MONTHS!

This is NOT how recovery mode should be working.

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01 February 2022, 8:44

The “Recovery” features in Acellus have been updated to provide further support to students who are struggling – both on Exams as well as specific Lessons. “Recovery” includes features such as Vectored Instruction and other methods to assign specific materials to students based on the concepts they are having difficulty with.

When a student fails to pass an Exam the first time, Acellus gives them the “benefit of the doubt” and allows them to review the problems that they missed on the Exam along with the incorrect answers that were entered. This allows students to possibly learn from their mistakes (reviewing any video resources as needed), and then retake the Exam.

However, if a student is unable to pass the Exam a second time, Acellus tries a different method. To help students remember how to solve problems that were missed on the exam, they are presented short Help Videos, which contain a single example on how to solve the problem, for each problem missed. (Note: if these lessons do not contain this type of Help Video – no video will be presented.)

If a student fails to pass the Exam a third time, they have provided further evidence that they do not have a solid mastery of the concepts that are being assessed. Acellus now assigns each concept missed on the previous Exam for the student to revisit, even assigning Vectored Instruction for any individual concepts that are additionally struggled on. Once these videos and assessments have been completed the student is allowed to retake the Exam.

If the student fails the Exam a fourth time, Help Videos for each problem missed will be provided again and the student will receive a final chance to retake the Exam.

In the condition where the student is unable to pass the Exam a fifth time, Acellus will move the student forward in this course since progress is not being made. The score that was earned will be reflected in the student’s overall course score.

These updates have been made to ensure that students are never discouraged, while allowing the best possible chance for them to succeed.

Power Homeschool also offers "Tutoring Mode".  This mode will allow the student to view all of the steps within the course and they may jump to any step.  This can be helpful if parents want more control over which step their student is working on.

Switching to Tutoring Mode

Please note: The "Tutoring Mode" is not the suggested mode if a completion certificate is desired.  Every step must be completed and marked green in this mode before a completion certificate will be generated by the system.

Parents are always welcome to reach out to our Support Team directly for help with specific situations.

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