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Need to retake exam

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09 March 2022, 10:26

I would like for my daughter to retake her final math exam, but the class has already been archived.  I moved it back to her roster, but it still doesn't show up on her class list for her to be able to retake the exam.  Is there any way for her to get back to the class to review some material and retake the final exam?

09 March 2022, 15:18

Great question, Penny!

You can switch the mode of the course to "Tutoring Mode" to allow the student to redo any previous steps in the course--even if the course was completed.   Changing to "Tutoring Mode" will allow your student to view all of the steps within the course and they can jump to any step.

Once you are finished, just switch back to "Teaching Mode" and the course will be marked complete again.

Parent Tutorial - Switch Course to "Tutoring Mode"



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09 March 2022, 19:44

So there's no way for her to retake it for a higher grade?  Tutor mode doesn't affect the grades, correct?

10 March 2022, 9:07

Hello, Penny.  Thank you for the follow-up question!

Actually, the grades in "Tutoring Mode" will affect the class grade and override the previous scores.  The system always uses the last attempt for each step when calculating the class grade--even when the retake is in "Tutoring Mode".

The only thing that doesn't transfer from "Tutoring Mode" is the position in the course.

For example, a student works up to step 20 in "Teaching Mode".  Then, switches to "Tutoring Mode" and works from step 20 up through step 40.  When the course is switched back to "Teaching Mode", the student will be returned to the last step completed in "Teaching Mode", which in this case is step 20.

This can make it seem that the work in "Tutoring Mode" is not saved, however, the only thing that didn't transfer was the position in the course.

Have a great day!


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10 March 2022, 9:33

Thank you so much!

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