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31 August 2022, 16:13

We just joined this year and I just finished picking my son's classes.  When I go to pick his Science class it said in the description of classes that for 7th grade he would get to pick between Life, Physical or Earth Science; however, when I go to edit classes it only gives Earth Science as a choice for 7th grade.  If I take out 7th grade from the search field then it lists every single Science class for every grade.  Secondly, it automatically "check marked" an SEL class, which is fine, but when picking electives I picked a PE, SEL, etc. class.  Should he be just doing 1 of those?  Like is 1 for this year and the other one for next year?  I don't want him duplicating classes or taking 2 classes that should be split between 2 years.  Thirdly, I put him into the STEM-1 introduction to coding class, but he has already learned some coding stuff at his previous school.  So, he might already know some of the information.  How do we know if he should go into the next one?  Lastly, is there a way to view the video lessons from the parent's account?  I feel that it would be nice if I could watch some of them ahead of time in case he would have questions.  So far the only way I even see how to review a video is when they are in their review or quiz section and they can click on the "help" icon, which doesn't do anything for me as a parent viewing the videos.  Any help would be great.  Thanks!

01 September 2022, 10:49

Our Middle School Science course options include the following:

Life Science or Earth Science are recommended for the Grade 7 level, and Physical Science is recommended for the Grade 8 level.

Social Emotional Learning is a 1.0 credit course, and PE, Social and Emotional Education – Middle School is 0.5 credits. Parents are welcome to enroll students in either or both courses for their student's elective if they wish.

Parents can adjust their students' courses if they feel their students will benefit from a higher level or different elective. Here are links to our STEM courses overview for reference:

There is currently not a way for parents to view lesson videos. Reviewing lesson videos can be done under the student interface. Students can re-watch a lesson video as often as they would like while working on the corresponding practice problems. 

If a student would like to view a past lesson video, they can go under their Score tab and choose to retake a set of problems. While retaking the problems, students can view any help features associated with that step, including the original lesson video.

When a student chooses to retake a set of problems, their new score will replace their original score. Please see the following link for more information/instructions: 


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