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Unenrolling from Robotic Dancing

02 March 2023, 15:37

I just enrolled my child and she was automatically enrolled in this class.  I have unselected it as part of her Education Plan and selected something else.   Even after I save my changes, she remains enrolled in this class on the Plan, but it is not showing up as one of her courses.   Therefore, I can neither edit or remove it.   Is there a way to fix this?  

03 March 2023, 10:48

Robotics Dance Programming is a bonus elective class that does not count as one of your student's 1-6 classes. Therefore, this course is not required for your student to take.
This class allows all students to learn basic coding and how to program the Acellus robot ACD2. Students who enjoy this course will likely want to continue and take our STEM-10 program.
This course can only be added or removed by our Acellus Academy Parent Support team. Please get in touch with our Support Team if you would like Robotics Dance Programming dropped from your student's course list at
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