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How can I print a transcript?

13 August 2021, 16:07

It is common that parents who decide to homeschool create their own diploma and transcripts   when the student is close to graduation. Power Homeschool is a program that supports parents and not a school, so we do not award credit for completed courses. Power Homeschool does help parents maintain records of the courses their student is taking as well as the grades in each class. 

You can request an emailed transcript of the courses a student has completed by taking the following actions: 

  1. Launch the Acellus App
  2. Sign in as a parent; 
  3. Select ‘Manage Account’; how can i print - 1.PNG
  4. Click on the 'Request a Transcript' button; how can i print - 2.PNG
  5. Select the Student’s name; 
  6. Enter the email address that the transcript will be sent can i print - 3.PNG

Incomplete courses will not show on the transcript. If you need a record that includes incomplete courses, you can print your student’s report card. 

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