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How can I view the number of steps within a course?

13 August 2021, 16:35

Each component of a course is called a step, that being a lesson video, lesson problems, drill, review, exam, etc. The number of steps in a course vary depending on the student’s grade level and the content of a course. Parents can view how many steps are in a course through the Parent Account by completing the following actions: 

  1. Launch the Acellus App
  2. Sign into the parent interface; 
  3. Select your student’s name; how can i view - 1.PNG
  4. Click on the Syllabus tab; how can i view - 2.PNG
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the syllabus. 

An alternate way to view this on a computer, an option is not available for mobile devices, is to go to the Score tab and mouse over the blue progress bar for the course. how can i view - 3.PNG

Since each course is self-paced, Power Homeschool does not regulate how much work a student must complete every day, or limit how much work they can complete. This is something that is left up to parents. 

If you would like to set a specific number of steps for your student to complete in each course every day, you can do this by adjusting the goals in your parent interface. You can find this under ‘Manage Account’. 

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