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17 August 2021, 11:40

HI, I am a new parent of a sophmore at Acellus. Question, when we register/enroll are the classes we select for the entire year? or semester-based? Also, how do we know how to track daily progress? Are there a certain amount of activities/assignments that need to be completed daily to stay on course for an average 9-10 month school year? How do we track that? Thanks in advance. We've been online before but new to Acellus so the platform is different.

17 August 2021, 14:39

Courses through Acellus Academy are offered for a full-year or one-semester, depending on the course. Full-year courses will be assigned the credit amount of 1.0 credits and semester courses are worth 0.5 credits

Parents have a separate interface where they can track student progress, and print report cards, progress reports, attendance reports, etc. 

Because Acellus Academy is a self-paced program, we do not have required completion dates. Parents do have the option to adjust their students weekly goals to meet whatever personal completion date is needed. 

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