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What records are needed to enroll?

19 August 2021, 11:27

During the enrollment process, you will be asked to provide basic information regarding your student. Parents may optionally choose to purchase a student ID card, in which case, the parent will need to upload a photo of the student.

If a student wishes to import credits from other high schools, transcripts will be required before transfer credits can be awarded. These transcripts are required to qualify a student for graduation, but they may be submitted after a student has been enrolled and is taking classes. 

10 September 2021, 18:20

Hello: Please advise on how to upload a copy of my childs' transcript or an email address where it can be sent so his credits can be transferred to Acellus. 



Thank You  

13 September 2021, 14:16

You can add the transcript to your student's plan through the parent interface. Transcripts can be added to your student's Education Plan under "Manage Account".

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