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Can my student use more than one device?

19 August 2021, 12:44

Students may access their account on multiple devices. However, there are some limitations: 

  • Students cannot sign in on more than one device simultaneously. If they are logged in on one device and sign in on another, the first session will be logged out. 
  • If the student is using an Easy Sign-In, they will need to add this to any new device or location where they plan to use the program. 

14 September 2021, 12:02

Hi, Yesterday I brought my daughter to work with me and she wasn’t able to login. It kept saying that the password was incorrect… yet when we are home the password is the same. I’m not sure what we are doing wrong. can someone help us? 



15 September 2021, 12:17

For security purposes, the Easy Sign-In will need to be set up on every device (or at any new location) that the student uses for Acellus. If your student is using the original Acellus ID and password that was provided by Acellus Academy, you will want to make sure the information being entered is correct. 

To locate the students original Acellus ID and password, see:


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29 September 2022, 15:52

Hi. I am having trouble getting the app to download or work properly. I have gone from my computer to my laptop to my phone. Can anyone help?

04 October 2022, 9:44

Please try the following troubleshooting solutions suggested by our Tech Support Team:

  • Verify your Internet Connection is working
    • If using a WiFi network, try rebooting the router & modem
    • Test connectivity by connecting to a different Internet provider to ensure connection: WiFi, Mobile Data, Hotspot, etc.
  • If browser, clear cookies & cache
    • Also try switching to a different browser
  • If app, uninstall and reinstall app
  • Restart device
  • You can also try changing to a different device

You will also need to be sure that you are working from a device that can support the Acellus app. If you work from an older device or a computer behind on updates, you can experience trouble with this. 

The Acellus program is compatible with many different devices, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. For a complete list of supported devices, please visit   

If you are still experiencing technical difficulties, please submit a technical support ticket to with any screenshots/screen recordings of the issue for further diagnosis.

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