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What is the procedure to dis-enroll from my student's previous school?

19 August 2021, 13:14

After enrolling your student in Acellus Academy, it is important to notify your student's previous school. This can help to prevent issues regarding truancy.

Immediately after completing the enrollment process online, you will receive an email from Acellus Academy with "Enrollment Confirmation" in the subject line. You may print this email and provide it to your student's previous school as proof of enrollment.

If the school wishes to verify with Acellus Academy directly that your student has been enrolled, the school may request a transcript using the following online form:

To complete the form, the school will need to enter the name of your student and your student's 10-digit Acellus ID, which is listed in the Enrollment Confirmation email. Your student's transcript from Acellus Academy will display an enrollment date, which may be used as additional verification that your student is enrolled in Acellus Academy.

If your student has previously attended high school, we recommend that you obtain a copy of your student's transcript so that you may import the high school credits to Acellus Academy. Your student may begin taking coursework through Acellus Academy prior to receiving a transcript. However, the transcript will be required to qualify your student for graduation if you are transferring credits to Acellus Academy.

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