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What is the process to enroll?

19 August 2021, 17:08

Acellus is not tied to a traditional academic calendar, so enrollment is available year-round for any student. Parents may register when is most convenient for them as enrollment is open all year.  

When you are ready to enroll, you can follow these steps to begin:   

  1. Create a parent account - Parents can begin enrolling by visiting the Acellus academy website at and clicking on ‘ENROLL NOW’. From here, parents can enter personal information and enter an email and number they wish to register.enroll - 1.PNG.1
  2. Tuition payment - Here you can choose a monthly or yearly tuition payment as well as opt-in to the Roger Billings Scholarship Program. More info on this program can be found here: Roger Billings Mentoring Program | Acellus Academyenroll - 2.PNG
  3. Enter student information – Enter basic student information here so Acellus can adjust what classes might be best for your student’s intended grade level. 3.PNG
  4. Select your courses – Acellus will automatically suggest what courses would be best for you student’s age and grade level, but parents may choose up to six courses for their student. 4.PNG
  5. Begin your coursework – Once you have selected your courses, your student’s ID and password will be sent to the email you entered and your student may begin immediately.  5.PNG

If you have a student who has previously attended a high school, it is important to upload your student’s high school transcripts to make sure they qualify for graduation. Parents can acquire high school transcripts through their school district and upload these through the Education Plan. More information on how to set up an Education Plan can be found her: Tutorial - Creating an Education Plan | Acellus Academy

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