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Can I create a personal user ID and password for my student?

26 August 2021, 12:11

Yes, you are able to create your own user ID and password for a student account. Creating password that is unique to the student may be easier for them to remember.   

  1. Begin by launching the Acellus App; 
  2. Click on 'Set Up Student Easy Sign In;'can i create a personal - 1.PNG.png
  3. To create an 'Easy Sign In,' you will first need to enter your student’s original 10-digit Acellus ID and password.can i create - 2.PNG.png
  4. Here, you can create a new sign in. 

To ensure the security of the student account, the 'Easy Sign In' will need to be configured on every device that the student will be using to sign into the Acellus App. 

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