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How can I make sure my student is on track?

26 August 2021, 12:16

You can easily view your student’s progress through their courses from the parent interface. By viewing your student’s progress regularly, you can make sure that they are progressing at a preferred speed to be finished by the completion date you would like.  

Following the minimum goal that Acellus provides will help students to finish up in a regular school year. If your student starts later in the year or gets behind, you can have them work more each day or even during evenings or weekends to complete the desired amount of coursework.  

To view student’s progress:  

  1. Log in through the Acellus App; 
  2. Select a Student; how can i make sure - 1.PNG.png
  3. Select the ‘Score’ tab; 
  4. View progress. how can i make sure - 2.PNG.png
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