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How much is tuition?

30 August 2021, 13:43

The tuition covers the registration and instructional expenses for students in Acellus Academy. Parents are given the opportunity to select from a payment plan that lets them pay either monthly or annually. Each payment plan allows students to take from one to six courses at a time with grades K – 12. 

Please see the following link to view current tuition rates:  

Also available to students is the Roger Billings Scholarship Program. With the Roger Billings Mentorship Program, students can take advantage of offsetting their tuition cost if they take part in a mentoring lecture with Roger Billings. These lectures take place online during a weekly live stream that students and parents may participate in. Enrolling in this program is intended to reduce the cost of tuition, while still having access to everything full tuition has to offer, so students can stay fully committed to a substantial education.  

You can visit the Roger Billings Scholarship Program page for more information:

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