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How does Acellus Academy work?

30 August 2021, 14:15

Acellus Academy is a fully accredited, online private school that provides instruction through the Acellus Learning System. 

  • Parents are able to enroll students through the Acellus Academy website: 
  • As a private school, Acellus Academy charges tuition to cover its expenses. This fee can be paid either monthly or annually. A scholarship program is also available to help reduce costs of tuition. 
  • Students are allowed to enroll in up to 6 courses at a time. Acellus Academy is available to students in grades K-12. Students are enrolled into courses automatically by age with electives to be chosen by the parent. 
  • Since each course is self-paced, students are able to enroll at any time during the calendar year. Students are required to start at the beginning of each course. 
  • Acellus uses deficiency diagnostics and vectored instruction to adjust courseware rigor. This approach provides students with a customized curriculum to suit their academic needs. 
  • Parents are able to monitor student progress through the live class monitor or by easily accessing student reports and assessments through the parent interface. 
  • Transcripts may be requested through the system to provide a record of all the courses that have been currently completed. 
  • Acellus Academy awards a high school diploma to students that fulfill the graduation requirements. An honors graduation pathway is available for students who choose to take more advanced coursework and meet a minimum GPA requirement. 
  • Acellus Academy high school graduates are performing well and have been admitted into top universities around the country. 

For more information regarding student and parent experience with Acellus Academy, visit 



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