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How does the Roger Billings Scholarship work?

30 August 2021, 15:29

Parents may offset tuition expenses for Acellus Academy, by taking advantage of the Roger Billings Scholarship Program. Every student is able to take part in this opportunity.  Students in the scholarship program commit to participate in an online lecture with Roger Billings called Science L!VE that airs every Wednesday at 7pm CT. Science L!VE is an hour-long lecture series that features fun and interesting discussion between Roger Billings and other Acellus instructors. This lecture intends to promote a deep love for science while encouraging students to study hard.  

Students enrolled in the Roger Billings Scholarship Program will receive the same schooling experience as students who pay full tuition. All your student needs to do in order to register is apply for the scholarship when enrolling in Acellus Academy. 

To view these lectures, students can find the livestream by logging into the Acellus student interface: 

  • Once your student is logged into the Acellus app, you can find the ‘Science L!VE’ tab at the top;scinece live -1.PNG.png
  • You can also find the site using this direct link

If a student enrolled into the scholarship misses the live broadcast, the lecture can be viewed later in the week under the previous forums tab. 

To verify that your student had watched the lecture, students can sign in and post a comment to ensure that they participated. sceience live - 3.PNG.png.2

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09 September 2021, 1:33

Hi, I am new to Acellus and my 1st grader is enrolled in the Roger Billings  Scholarship program. Do she suppose to attend the weekly lectures? If so how do mark us as attending so it doesn't jeopardize us being removed from the program. 

09 September 2021, 10:52

Students will need to attend the weekly lectures each week.

The weekly lectures are live Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm CST. 

Students can watch online and should submit comments or questions on the response form below the video feed. Be sure to have them include their Acellus ID to verify the account.


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17 September 2021, 9:43

My Daughter attends Religious training every Wednesday evening. If she views the lecture using the previous forums tab will she still receive credit toward the Scholarship Program. Please clarify any additional steps required for this. 



17 September 2021, 16:55

We strongly encourage students to participate live because it allows them to be more involved. However, we are able to make an exception for students who have a schedule conflict or time difference and are not able to attend the lecture during the live broadcast. The lecture will be posted online after the live stream. Students should submit comments or questions on the response form below the video feed.

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20 November 2021, 10:54

I've got two students with Roger Billings scholarships and first, thank you to Dr. Billings for the generosity. Seind, the live lessons with Dr John, Tobias, Dr Billings, and Dr Pajet are well done too. Everyone involved is doing their homework for preparation and it shows.

Mainly though, I do have a concern. It hasn't happened now for the last four sessions, everything has been smooth of late, but we'd had some serious connection issues on the live broadcast before that. When that happens, I get heartburn as I worry that lack of live attendence jeopardizes our two scholarships. We've made a point to always re-watch the missed episode later in the week and my email hasn't been hit with any warnings, so I think we're doing it right and are in the clear.

Still, please do clairify that making up missed lessons that way is acceptable. Depending on how you keep track, we're either at 70% attendence with 30% tardies, or else perfect attendence.

22 November 2021, 9:18

If students could not attend the live sessions on Wednesday, they could watch the recordings after. 

We highly recommend that students watch the recordings and submit their responses during the week posted for their attendance. The submission option will be removed once the next lecture is posted. 

The "Submit a Message" section will be next to the recording for your student to enter their responses. See attached picture.



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07 February 2023, 9:36

If my son isn't able to attend the weekly live due to us attending church during that time do I need to submit anything letting the school know he will be completing the recorded version instead of the live? 

17 February 2023, 11:53

Although we recommend that students watch the lectures live, it is not required.

Students are welcome to watch the recordings during that week and submit their normal responses: Student Name, Acellus ID, and comment).



06 March 2023, 14:29

Can you post a comment for a past video? My son was having internet problems last week and we don't see where his comment was submitted. Thanks.

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