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31 August 2021, 17:56

I need some guidance on how many lessons from each class my son should take every day or by the end of each week so I can setup a daily schedule for him. I want to make sure he completes the classes at a good pace so that he won't get too far behind. 

01 September 2021, 11:36

Acellus Academy is a completely self-paced program. Because of this, there is not a set amount of time students must spend working.

Weekly Goals are set to pace out each course that students are enrolled in. The Weekly Goals will be broken into a 5-day week. Example: If the weekly goal is set as 10 steps, the student will be assigned 2 steps each day. Please note, these goals are not required and will be reset each week.

You are welcome to adjust the Weekly Goals through the parent account. Please see:


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16 September 2021, 2:14

Hello Wilson, 
Not sure if you got any help, but let me share with you and others (because I know how it feels), what I did with my children to set up their schedule. Looks a bit complicated, but is not and hope it helps.
To know how many steps or lessons per week/day your child should do to finish the school year on time, you will need to know:
1. How many weeks of classes will your child have during the school year? (I'm doing about 30-32 weeks for the school year, which runs from this week 9/13 to about May 12th). Note: in the 30-32 weeks, I didn't include Spring break or Christmas, so do not include those weeks or any other weeks or days, your child will be taking off.
2. How many steps are there in a class? (To get this info, you will go to the syllabus for each class and scroll all the way down to see what number is the last lesson. Ex: 304, 500, etc.).
3. How many days a week will your child be taking classes? (In my case, my schedule runs Mon-Thurs and on Fridays we just do hands-on activities, PE (Physical Ed.), just light and fun stuff).

Okay, so how do you determine how many steps or lessons per week/day your child should do to finish the school year on time (remember, each step represents a lesson):
1. Take the # of steps in the class and divided it by the numbers of weeks in the school year (it should look something like this: 500/32 = 15.6, when you get a number like this just round up, better more than less...but that's really up to you) so if we round up that number  to 16 it means that your child will need 16 lessons per week for that particular class.

2. To know how many lessons per day, just divide the # of lessons a week by the number of days he will be taking classes. So, 16/5=3.2, this means 3-4 lessons per day. Tip: This could be done in an Excel sheet. 

Also, some classes don't need to be taken every day, in case you want to be a bit flexible (this is up to you). In my case, I have a 3rd grader and 1st grader and since the lessons X week for science classes are not that many, they will be taking that class only 2-3 times per day, same with social studies.

I have attached how my Excel looks and a picture of the schedule I created for my first-grader, which might give you an idea. 
Hope it helps someone!!

  • 1st grade schedule.JPG
  • Excel - Steps.JPG
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