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Acellus Academy vs Power Homeschool?

10 September 2021, 15:58

Is there direct teacher involvement when enrolled in Acellus Academy vs Power Homeschool? I understand the difference between accredited vs parent led education. I want to know if my child will be accountable to an actual teacher besides me if he is enrolled with the academy. We have been using Power Homeschool so I know what to expect there. I want the real differences.

13 September 2021, 13:38

In Acellus Academy, all of the instruction will be provided for your student, but your student's schedule and how much they complete each day will be entirely up to you as the parent.

In our program, students are advanced through grade levels based on their concept mastery rather than based on the amount of time that they spend. The courses are self-paced, so students are able to move through the course material at their own pace depending on how quickly they pick up the concepts. They have a set amount of work to complete before a course is considered finished. Once a course is complete, the student is welcome to move into the next grade level in that subject area.

Our teaching staff will monitor your student's work, and students can message the teaching staff when necessary through the "Messages" tab in their student interface.

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