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student failed unit test, can they retake it?

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13 September 2021, 19:39

so my student failed a unit test and is doesn't show the "retake for credit" button. how do we reset it so that they can take it again???


14 September 2021, 9:54

If a student fails a step (scores lower than 70%), Acellus will automatically have them retake it. (Students who fail an exam more than 5 times will be moved forward, the system counting the most recent grade.)


This automatic retake is done in the form of Exam Recovery. This provides students with more focused instruction on unmastered concepts. During this mode, your student will see their wrong answer along with each problem they missed and be given another opportunity to go through these problems. In addition, if they enter incorrectly, Acellus will provide video lessons to reteach the concept. Your student will also have access to all of the Help features associated with that lesson found in the "Help" tab. We recommend that students work through Exam Recovery to understand any missed concepts from the previous exam. 


If needed, students may cancel the retake step once selected. (This option will also be available if a student chose to ‘Try Again for Extra Credit” after completing an exam.)



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