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Social Emotional Intelligence Course

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17 September 2021, 8:53

Hello!  We are wondering why the Social Emotional Inteliigence course -- it appears on my daughter's schedule, but we didn't request it, and we're not sure if it's required.  Is it related to the Billings Scholarship? 


Thanks for your help!

17 September 2021, 17:09

Social Emotional Learning is a bonus course that is offered to every Acellus Academy student. This is not a required course. However, students are able to take the course in addition to the six course maximum.

Parents are able to enable or disable Social Emotional Learning through the parent interface. 

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26 October 2021, 16:38

Can you post a breadcrumb trail or image on whereto go to disable this course? I'm not seeing a way to do so after login to the Parent Portal.

26 October 2021, 17:05

SEL can be enabled or disabled at any time through the parent interface under "Manage Account". There is a checkbox for this course beside your student's list of other active classes. 

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21 November 2021, 0:36

This webpage here appears to list High School - Social and Emotional Learning as an option, alongside High School - Health, to meet the Health/Social Emotional/Physical Education core requirement.

Accredited Online High School | Acellus Academy


However, this page here not only doesn't list HS-SEL there, the course is not among the courses that can be used as an elective to meet High School Graduation requirements either. Am I to presume the absence is an error since the course is new, within the last few weeks and maybe the page hasn't been updated in that time to reflect it?

Graduation Requirements | Acellus Academy

22 November 2021, 9:23

Social Emotional Learning is a bonus elective class that does not count as one of your student's 1-6 classes. Therefore, this course will not be listed as a course option under Manage Account because it is a bonus class.

However, this course is not required and can be enabled or disabled at any time through the parent interface under "Manage Account". Here is a photo for reference:

  • Enable SEL.JPG
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23 November 2021, 6:36

Let me try being a bit more clear.

The SEL course isn't listed among the courses that count towards High School credit (per my two links in the above post). My first question is if this an oversight (since I know that its a recently added class) or has it been deliberately left off the list? Second question, assuming it does count towards credit, can SEL also be used as an elective to fulfill the Health/PE requirement?

23 November 2021, 14:20

Social Emotional Learning - High School is a course that would provide students with 1.0 credit towards an elective.

However, Social Emotional Learning - High School will not be able to be used to fulfill the Health/P.E. requirement. We suggest students who are needing to satisfy the Health/P.E. requirement take our High School Health Course (1.0 credit). 

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