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20 September 2021, 1:45

When does the school year-end? And do we still pay over the summer? Do we have to re-enroll next year?

20 September 2021, 10:42

The program is available 24/7. This allows students the ability to sign in and complete classwork any day of the year.

Because Acellus is self-paced, parents are able to plan their own schedule - including holidays and breaks. This is not something that needs to be logged or entered into the program as the system will automatically keep track of the student's attendance.

If you decide to give your student a break, all of their progress will be saved. When the student returns, they will be able to pick up exactly where they left off. None of their work or grades will be lost.

04 October 2021, 12:39

I understand the self paced part of the responce but, after our child finishes his school year and all classes are complete are we able to stop paying for the summer or part of the year that he isnt doing any work? If we stop paying for that part of the year are we going to have to go thru and re-enroll and do all of the start up again or can we just sign back in set up our payments again and start the new school year??

04 October 2021, 13:12

Parents under the monthly billing plan can pause their student's accounts if they wish to stop automatic payments for a couple of weeks or months. While the account is on pause, all of the student's progress will be saved, and none of their work or grades will be lost. Here are instructions: How to pause/cancel the account.

If you do not wish to pause your students' accounts and have them work through the summer, you are more than welcome to continue with your account payments so they can continue.


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