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Not hard enough

28 September 2021, 8:38

Hi, My son is in 2nd grade and is working through the course.  This is his second week.  He is complaining that it is not hard enough for him.  Anything recommended I should do?  Does the course get harder?  Thanks.

28 September 2021, 8:48

Each class begins with a review from the previous grade, so it is not unusual for a student to quickly work through that. The class should start to be more challenging when they get to new material. 

Suppose students are advanced because of the self-paced format of our program. In that case, Acellus will quickly move them through the material they are already familiar with until they reach more advanced coursework. This ensures they do not have any gaps in their education.

If the class still seems too easy after getting to the new material, you are more than welcome to reach out to to ask about the PLUS mode for courses. This mode is an option to make a course more rigorous and challenging for a student.


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