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29 September 2021, 17:40

Hello, I just registered my son for the first time. We registered for 6 courses, but when I go into his student page and check course syllabus, it is showing 8 courses. How do I un-enroll from the 2 courses we do not want?

Thank you!

30 September 2021, 8:46

Robotics Dance Programming and Social Emotional Learning are bonus elective classes that do not count as one of your student's 1-6 classes. These courses are not required for your student to take.

Robotics Dance Programing:
This class is available for all students interested in learning basic coding and how to program the Acellus robot, ACD2. Students who enjoy this course will likely want to continue and take our STEM-10 program.

Social Emotional Learning:
This course helps students explore their own potential and the choices that lie before them as they grow to adulthood.  Students consider their own ability to choose the kind of person they want to become and learn how to use skills like goal setting to become that person.

SEL can be enabled or disabled at any time through the parent interface under "Manage Account". Please contact the Support Team if you would like Robotics Dance Programming dropped from your student's course list.

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