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01 October 2021, 15:40

My child is enrolled in the Honors Pathway.  I am looking at the math courses for this pathway.  Will Business Math fulfill a math credit for them?  They are interested in a career that will not need advanced math (Pre-Calc, Calc, Trig).  If Business Math will not fulfill a math credit for this pathway then we will need to go down another route.  Business Math is not listed as a Math course under the education plan for the honors pathway. 

01 October 2021, 17:26

Business Math is not a course that can be used to satisfy the Math requirement for the Honors Pathway. 

Here is a list of the course options in reference to the Honors Pathway:


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20 November 2021, 22:07

We're in the same boat. I've got a student who has already knocked out Algebra I, Geometry and is presently 1/3 of the way through that third Algebra II credit. So, like you, we're also looking ahead for when Algebra II finishes, and wondering how best to meet that 4th credit requirement. There's four ways from what I can tell, Business Math isn't one as the school points out, and maybe the 3rd way is impossible.

First, there is AP Statistics to be had for one credit. Second, the combining of 0.5 credit Trigonometry with the 0.5 credit College Math Test Prep class. Those two both work but we're not terribly interested in either.

We asked the learning coach if we can (thirdly) skip Trig and go directly to Pre-Calculus, but that was ... I don't remember now... either not recommended because you need to take things you learn in Trig to apply them in Pre-Calc, or else it blocked entirely because Trig is a requirement to unlock Pre-Calc. I don't rightly recall now. Either way, we gave up the idea of skipping Trig for Pre-Calc. I think we couldn't skip Pre-Cal and go directly into Calculus either for the same reason.

Anyway, the course we'll be navigating through to earn that 4th Math credit is via a fourth option: taking the 0.5 Trig class, then going into the 1.0 Pre-Calculus for 4.5 credits.

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