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Career readiness courses

02 October 2021, 13:05

Is Acellus going to have a pathways career readiness high school, or more electives like: Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications, Education & Training.

thank you 

04 October 2021, 13:03

Acellus Academy offers two different High School graduation pathways. The standard pathway aligns with the minimum credit requirements for graduation set by the State of Missouri. It is recommended for students that plan to attend a community college or directly enter the workforce after high school.

The honors pathway is a more rigorous program of study recommended for students who plan to apply to competitive four-year colleges with more stringent admissions requirements.

Parents can create a High School Education Plan to determine which courses are needed for graduation. This tool helps you map out a study plan based on your student's career goals and interests. Here are further instructions: High School Education Plan.


04 October 2021, 13:05

Thank you 

but that is not what I asked. 

06 October 2021, 9:14

We apologize for the confusion. 

Acellus Academy currently offers Career & Technical Education, Fine Arts, and even STEM electives. See the following link here for all High School course options: High School Courses.

If you have any new course ideas, we always appreciate feedback and suggestions to improve Acellus Academy. Feel free to email your ideas to, and we will be sure to forward this to our Courseware Development Team.

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