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How to restart subjects

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07 October 2021, 14:05

We started 3rd grade but left part way through due to medical issues etc. We are coming back but it did not start over and we need to restart the subjects as she doesnt remember where she left off. How do I go about doing that?

07 October 2021, 15:43

Thank you for the question Lindsay!

Parents are able to use the "Tutoring Mode" to allow the student to go back over any previous steps or restart the course from the beginning.   Changing to "Tutoring Mode" will allow your student to view all of the steps within the course.  They can then click on any step you would like them to redo.  

Once the course is put back in "Teaching Mode" after using "Tutoring Mode", the student will automatically be returned to their last position in "Teaching Mode" so they can continue forward from where they left off.

Parent Tutorial - Tutoring Mode 

Let us know if you have any questions.

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