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How do I check my students answers?

14 October 2021, 13:55

To be able to go back and check the work your student has done, you will first need to follow these steps.

Sign in to your parent account.

Once you have signed into your parent account, you will click on your students name, then click on the score tab.

Capture 3.PNG


Once you have clicked on the score tab, click on the class name.

Capture 1.PNG.1


You will then click on your students assignment where it says Step Title.



Once you click on your students assignment or test, it will pull up your students Answer for the questions given.



You may then click on each problem to view the question that was asked.

For example in problem 4, it was a wrong answer. You may click on that and it will show you what question was given and the given answer that the student answered. In this case, the student answered 14 and it should have been 12. 




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