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15 October 2021, 0:01

My daughter started back in July, she has been taking notes up to now, today I found the lesson manuals in the help section (I feel like I failed her to be honest), she has not printed any of those and now we tried re-watching the videos in order to access the lesson manuals of past lessons and she can't from her student account and I can't from mine.  Is there a way to get those? Now I am worried this will negatively impact her performance in the end of year test as she will be studying from her notes and won't have access to these valuable manuals.

I will appreciate any help you can give me

Thank you in advance


15 October 2021, 11:14

Students can view lesson manuals from past lessons without retaking the assignment. Students can find this option through the Help tab when selecting "Lesson Manual". At the bottom of the Lesson Manual, there will be two arrows. Students can click on the back arrow to view past lesson manuals.



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15 October 2021, 15:48

Right now you are this mom favorite person in the entire planet! Thank you so very much


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