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16 October 2021, 12:02

Is there any way to fast forward through the instructional videos?  My son will pause the video mid-way to do whatever he needs to do and the video restarts completely.  

18 October 2021, 14:53

That is a great question Alicia!

You cannot fast forward through the videos in the lessons. This is to ensure that the student watches the whole video without skipping through it.

If you would like to allow your student to skip portions of a course or jump around, you can achieve this by setting the course to "Tutoring Mode" in the parent interface.

Parent Tutorial - Tutoring Mode 

Changing to "Tutoring Mode" will allow your student to view all of the steps within the course and they may jump to any step. The student will not be awarded a 'Completion Certificate' if portions of the course are skipped. However, a detailed report can still be printed to show the work completed by the student before the course is replaced by a new one.

If you put the course back in "Teaching Mode" after using "Tutoring Mode", the student will automatically resume from their last position in "Teaching Mode" so they will not miss any steps in the course.

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