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Is it possible for a student to be in different grades for different subjects?

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21 October 2021, 8:45

I have an 11yo dyslexic student. He's already taking high school history and geometry classes, but (as you can imagine) he struggles with language arts, especially spelling and writing. I estimate he needs to be in 4th grade for those subjects and 6th grade or higher for everything else. Is that possible in your program?

26 October 2021, 14:45

That is a great question.

Parents have reported that homeschooling with video lessons really help students with special needs.  Since students are able to learn at their own pace, they have the option to go as fast or slow as needed.

We have two modes the student can work in. The regular 'Teaching Mode' starts at the beginning of the course and takes the student all the way through. At the end they will receive a completion certificate.

The other mode is called 'Tutoring Mode'. This allows the student to see a list of all the steps in the course and jump around and only do the steps you want them to. Some parents use this option because it allows the flexibility of skipping portions of a course.

In 'Tutoring Mode' the student will not receive the completion certificate if they have skipped some steps, however, the work that was done by the student can be printed in a detail report that shows a "final" grade based on the work that was completed. This allows students to move on without completing everything in the course.

You may also have your student enrolled in courses on multiple different grade levels in certain subjects.

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