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Updating calendar

13 February 2021, 14:25

As a parent I cannot update the calendar to mark it for when school is in session or not. I homeschool my daughter and I do not seem to have some to the abilities to control the environment like a teacher would. This is frustrating as my daughter needs to see the calendar to really help process what is expected of her. For example Monday is presidents day and I want to make that no school day but the calendar and weekly progress reports are auto set to five days. Can I change this and I just can’t 

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15 February 2021, 8:09

Because Acellus is self-paced, parents are able to plan their own schedule - including holidays and breaks. This is not something that needs to be logged or entered into the program as the system will automatically keep track of the student's attendance. (Edits to the school calendar are done by admin, as any changes will reflect for all enrolled students.)

If you decide to give your student a break, all of the progress will be saved. When they return, they will be able to pick up exactly where they left off. None of their work or grades will be lost. 

The weekly goals will reset at the end of each week. If you plan to take Monday off, you can have her complete additional work later in the week to make up her goals, or have her complete just the goal for Monday on Tuesday and so on. At the end of the week Friday would still be left - but once the goal resets she'll start with her normal goals the beginning of the following week. 

You may want to keep your own calendar outside of Acellus, if it will help your student to better track her school days and breaks. 

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