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What is the difference between CybrSchool, Power Homeschool, and Acellus Academy?

03 November 2021, 13:43

Acellus Academy is an online home school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Power Homeschool is a courseware delivery tool which provides the Acellus online courseware to students being homeschool by their parents, and as such, is not accredited. Both of these programs require a tuition payment.  

CybrSchool is another courseware delivery tool for the Acellus Learning System, but the cost of tuition is picked up by your local school district. Parents can make use of the self-paced, at home courseware while still staying involved with their school. Students can still play sports and attend school activities at their district's discretion. This program is only offered if your school district has taken the steps to provide Acellus CybrSchool for families. 

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