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03 November 2021, 20:24

Can I adjust the days my child is in school without the system marked as absent?

08 November 2021, 15:57

That is an excellent question Cody.

Because attendance is completely up to the parents, students will never be marked as tardy or absent.  The system will keep track of when the student signs into the program as well as what work they complete. Parents will always have final say on which days students will work.  Attendance does not affect a student’s grade, so breaks or holidays do not need to be entered into the Acellus system. If a student takes a holiday, they will not be marked as absent.

For the weekly goal, some parents will have the student do extra on the remaining days to catch up.  Others will just have the student ignore the Friday goal.  It is up to you.

Starting next Monday, the weekly goals will restart with a fresh set of goals for your student.

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