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13 November 2021, 11:13

I signed my students up for US History A and B this year but they are 1/2 credit courses, in my understanding.  However, the steps for each course are roughly the same as full-year courses.  I had planned to do Hist A for semester 1 and Hist 2 for semester 2 but now that I'm looking closer, it seems they will have to complete 20 steps per week in order to complete them both this year.  Is that correct?  They have a ton of writing projects in these classes and it seems like they should both be full-year courses, not half.  What am I missing?  Are we going to have to double their steps for the rest of the year really??  Thank you for your feedback.  

17 December 2021, 14:24

Each course will have a varying number of steps.  Parents can check how many steps are left in each course by clicking on the 'Syllabus' tab in the parent interface. 



Students are advanced through grade levels based on their concept mastery rather than based on the amount of time that they spend.  Since the courses are self-paced, students are able to move through the course material at their own pace. They have a set number of steps to complete before a course is considered finished.  

Parents can set a weekly goal for each course in the parent interface.  The system will break down this weekly goal into 5 days.  Students can check their goals by going to the 'Progress' tab in their account.  

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