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High School only transcript

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18 November 2021, 10:28


I am posting this as I have seen several comments across both the official and unofficial Acellus Facebook groups that indicate interest in a high school only transcript.  This would be helpful in determining high school GPA for the college admissions process.  I have a hard time believing this isn't something that already exists - can someone from support please let me know how to get an official high school only transcript that can be shared with universities?  If a high school only transcript does not currently exist, what can we do to institute a process for parents to obtain this information on behalf of their students' prospective colleges? Thank you!

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18 November 2021, 10:56

I, too, would very much like to have the additional option of being able to obtain a High School only transcript! Please consider this    Lori Reiszl

18 November 2021, 20:40

I think it would be a great idea to have a option for high school only in addition to the transcript with all classes. It would make it easier to calculate HS GPA. Maybe there is a field parents can select to show only high school subjects and computes GPA.

19 November 2021, 12:00

An official transcript from Acellus Academy will list all credits earned through our school. If the school that your student is going on to has trouble reading this transcript, or knowing which classes provide high school credit, they are welcome to contact us directly for assistance with this: Contact Support Team.


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19 November 2021, 14:19

Thank you for this reply around the current state of Acellus transcripts.  What I am asking about is how to institute change since it is something that is clearly desired by multiple parents who have cared enough to ask about it.  As you likely know, colleges and universities take GPA into account during the admissions process and having more than just high school GPA listed on a transcript can negatively impact a student's chance of admission depending on their scholastic performance prior to high school.  Given that students from other high schools would not be subject to this, it would disproportionately impact Acellus learners, and therefore appears to reduce the viability of Acellus as an educational institution for college-bound learners.  I do not believe, given the volume of candidates at major/competitive universities, that asking those admissions offices to parse out high school courses from the transcript is a reasonable proposal.  As far as reaching out to the support link you shared, and I mean this in the nicest way - I raised a ticket in October of 2020 with support that still is not resolved; after a single reply that did not address my issue I was totally ghosted.  Given that experience, I would propose that the SLAs there don't seem to play nicely with college admissions timelines, which are pretty rigorously managed.  Can you please let me know what the process is for driving change or evaluating growth opportunities within the school's programs?

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20 November 2021, 10:31

I'm not I'm understanding your concern, Jennifer.

Are you saying that Acellus lists grades of elementary and middle school level Acellus classes on the transcripts sent to colleges and universities? If so, I would agree with you and my comprehension difficulty is that it seems to odd to be actually true.  Part of our being here is my son's bad grades in elementary school, in addition to certain confidence and emotional issues he had been dealing with. Since then, he's turned things around. While I've personally got nothing to worry about in regards anyone seeing the grades he's earned taking middle school classes at Acellus, I do realize that some things should be left buried. Kids deal with whatever issues in their preeteen years and it seems to me that students should have a clear tabula rasa upon entering High School.

I agree that Acellus students should only have HS level classes that count towards graduation listed on the transcripts that get sent to colleges. It's rather shocking to do otherwise.

Assuming that's what you're saying is happening. Maybe I'm off, so again please clarify. Thanks.

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20 November 2021, 11:10

Hi Jeff - that's precisely what I am saying; I was astonished to see other parents discussing this in the Acellus FB groups I am a part of.

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20 November 2021, 19:25

For the Acellus Support staff reading this, I hope you'll take a good look at Jennifer's suggestion and move it on up the chain for an administrative review. Good recordkeeping is important for student who to transfer out of Acellus into an Elementary, Middle or High School. By all means share their transcripts completely with the new school, as that's exactly the purpose those transcripts serve.

But I can't imagine a college or university admissions official sees these classes as any more than clutter. Further, you're not doing the Acellus Academy graduates any favors by including elementary and middle school level classes on transcripts meant for higher education institutions.


Jennifer, I'm curious what these transcripts look like. On these transcripts Acellus sends out, I presume Acellus identifies the grade level of the courses taught and segregates out the HS credit level course from the elementary and middle school classes? I ask because on Acellus' parent page, the school does not. For example when I look at the completed classes list, I immediately know that Foundations of Music and Ancient Civilizations are not HS level classes ... but I only that because I was the one who enrolled my students in those classes personally, myself. The names are ambiguous and since they are rolled in with the other classes, my wife or anyone besides me who sees those classes, based on the parent page, wouldn't have any way to know that neither of those count towards HS credit.

22 November 2021, 8:53

We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback and suggestions regarding a high school transcript. I will be sure to pass this information on to our Administrative Team for review. 

Please let us know if you have any additional recommendations for us! 

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22 November 2021, 10:13

I'm disappointed by the dismissive nature of this reply.  Did you read my prior post - using the channel you suggest, I've had an open ticket for over a year that was never resolved; as such, I am disinclined to utilize it.  Further - I'm asking what processes the school has in place to evaluate growth opportunities; how will records help with that?  On the official Acellus Facebook group I was informed by a moderator that this forum was the best way to get support from Acellus, and yet the can is being kicked again.  Where does the buck stop?  I am saddened that it appears there is a total disinterest in parental engagement from this school - I would like to be an active participant in my child's educational experience, and clearly, based on post engagement here and on other social media platforms I am not alone there, and yet there is a disconnect where this seems not only challenging, but actively discouraged. 

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