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School year/ moving onto the next grade

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18 November 2021, 18:04

I’m aware that enrollment is all year round and that the child will be placed according to their grade however, when the child finishes all coursework (ex. 3rd grade) do they just move all coursework seamlessly into 4th grade as long as we continue paying tuition? Or do we need to re-register the child? 

If it is seamless and paced for the student (dependent on when they finish current coursework) what happens if they turn 18-21 and still haven’t completed all grade levels of coursework?

19 November 2021, 8:58

The program is available 24/7. This allows students the ability to sign in and complete classwork any day of the year and at any time. 

Once a course is complete, the student is welcome to move into the next grade level in that subject area. (There are no fees for adding additional courses.  Tuition is based on a monthly or annual rate.)


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20 November 2021, 9:32

You just roll, Alexa. As soon as the 3rd grade course is done, it'll open up grade four automatically and at no extra charge. What you paid for the time period, be it a month or one full calandar year. In that time, the students may take as many classes as they can complete, but no more than 6+1+1 at a time.

(Social and Emotional Learning can be added as a 7th class. Both my students were automatically assigned the Robot Dance Program mini-course when they enrolled but I don't know if they do that with 3rd graders).

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