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Special lessons

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06 December 2021, 12:31

Do students have to do special lessons? And do they have a due date?

06 December 2021, 15:07

Acellus Academy requires that students submit any assigned Special Lessons to receive credit for completing a class. There is no due date or deadline for submission.

However, we recommend that students stop and take time to complete the Special Lessons as they are assigned, rather than waiting until the end of the course. 


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08 January 2022, 9:30

How are we to mark these as complete and graded when the student has submitted it?

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08 January 2022, 10:07

You don't. Once you click "submit" its out of your hands.

Some assignments are auto-graded by a computer program and you get the results immediately. A lot of times, these assignments are checking spelling and grammar and giving a preliminary score along with an infinite amount of times to resubmit until you are satisfied with the grade. Other assignments require human eyeballs and so these will sit for a bit until a learning coach (teaching assistant) comes through to look them over and grade them manually.

Since you didn't notice your assignment get graded on the spot, its almost surely one of the later assignments that require a learning coach to come by. It shouldn't take too long, at most maybe a day or two.

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