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06 December 2021, 17:53

Does Acellus provide laptops for students?

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07 December 2021, 1:48

No. They offer something called the GoldbookPro which blocks apps and connects only to the school and nowhere else online, but you'll have to pay $799 for it. I don't have one to comment about it, maybe I should though, considering all the screaming/peering over the shoulder that I have to do to prevent my son from goofing off.

Here's a link to the page:



07 December 2021, 9:11

Acellus Academy’s tuition does not include a computer. You are welcome to purchase a locked-down Acellus device for your student from the Acellus Store, but this is not a requirement.

A special discount on Acellus devices is available to families enrolled a student in Acellus Academy. Please sign in as a parent and select “Manage Account.”

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Posts: 21

08 December 2021, 6:58

Oh, that's a good discount coupon thanks for pointing it out. I'd like to order one but unfortunately it looks like you only ship them to the US or Canada since the option for other countries is disabled. Is that true or do you ship internationally?

08 December 2021, 9:43

For any questions or concerns regarding Acellus Store products, we recommend contacting them directly for the best assistance.

Here is a link to their Customer Help page for more information: Customer Help - Acellus Store.

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