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Two questions regarding a transfer High School student from a non-English speaking country

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09 December 2021, 2:20

My eldest daughter is enrolled, thriving in, and likes her Chinese school. She's in eighth grade right now and has only ever been in the Chinese system. The way the Chinese school system works is they only teach new material through eleventh grade; the entirety of twelfth grade is dedicated to Gaokau test prep. Well, that doesn't work for us. Rather than have her do that, we've all agreed that her twelfth grade year would be better off spent taking classes here, earning an American High School diploma, and knocking out a few AP classes along the way.

This leads to two questions:

First: I'm wondering if High School English as a Second Language fulfills the English Language Arts requirement. 

Second: The idea came to me that we could enroll her for a few months here and there along the way. For example, over the next three summers, if she were to enroll for a month at a time, that would knock off three of the twelve months she needs towards meeting the length of enrollment requirement. Would such a stop-and-start piecemeal approach be possible?

Thanks in advance.

09 December 2021, 10:49

Discover English - High School Part 1-ESL is a course that would provide students with 1.0 credits towards a general elective. Discover English - High School Part 1-ESL cannot be used to fulfill the Foreign Language requirement. 

Students would have to be actively enrolled in Acellus Academy for a minimum of twelve months to graduate. Although, students can be enrolled discontinuously for the twelve-month requirement. 

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10 December 2021, 7:01

You answering the second question well, but let me restate the first question. I was asking about using ESL as an English Language requirement, not a Foreign Language requirement. She'll have had eleven years of Chinese as the primary language of education. Further, she's near the top, if not she IS the top, of her class in Chinese in a Chinese school even though she's not a Chinese citizen. Consequently, the Foreign Language requirement is not something I am concerned about.

I really don't know if she will be able to handle High School English, especially considering how her brother is a year behind her academically and I have him taking Third Grade English right now. When she's in Grade Twelve, I intend to give her the High School ESL class and may have to start her in Grade Five or Six or so English and try to catch her up as best as I can, hopefully to English I High School level standards or beyond, but that may not be possible.

So again, does High School ESL count towards a High School credit in ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS not as a foreign language. Thanks.

10 December 2021, 10:51

Discover English - High School Part 1-ESL is a course that would provide students with 1.0 credits towards a general elective. The Discover English - High School Part 1-ESL course cannot be used to satisfy the English/Language Arts requirement. 

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08 January 2022, 10:31

It's Chinese New Year and she has a month off. She was interested in taking some classes over the break so I signed her up.

When I enrolled my son in August, I had the option to pay for either a month or a year and I chose a year since we are pulling him out of the Chinese school entirely.  That option wasn't available with my daughter, I never got the screen to choose and since my credit card information is on file... I kind of accidentally paid for a year. When I clicked continue, I had only intended to move to the next screen where I choose the length option and enter the credit card information. That didn't happen, I just got charged.

Now, I'm not terribly upset since, in the end, I do intend to enroll her for a year or more. So long as I can turn off the timer when Chinese school picks back up again in February, I'm fine with it. But a few hours ago, my intention was to only pay for a month. Like I say, last August, only paying for a month was a viable option and now it seems to be that it isn't, is that right?  Also, since I paid for a year, if I can turn the clock off after 30 days, turn it back on for 60 this summer and then back off again. Rinse. Repeat. And in that way piecemeal together the 365 days, I'm fine with paying for a full year. Otherwise, I may have to scrap the idea and use your refund policy to ask for my money back.

10 January 2022, 12:55

Each parent account is set up with one billing period. If you set up your parent account with the annual payment plan, all students enrolled on this account will be set up on this payment plan. Additional students can be added at a pro-rated amount. 

Paying annually provides a discount of about $249 per year. This payment covers a twelve month time frame starting from the date of your first enrollment. You are welcome to plan breaks for the summer or over the holidays, but this would not impact your paid-through date. 

If you would like to switch your billing period, you can do this at any time. This would go into effect for all future payments: Changing the billing period.

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