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09 December 2021, 9:04

Hello, I'm trying to get help regarding the Acellus Neighborhood chats.  I've seen where the parent is to monitor the chats but I don't know how.  I also need to figure out how to shut it off when my son is being too distracted by it.




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04 April 2022, 23:02

You can turn on notifications for certain things your son does. When you start out, it'll automatically send you a notification every time he deletes a message, hinting that is something he doesn't want you to see. There is no way to turn off the chats as far as I know (and I have been exploring). Neighbors can be quite distracting at times, but I would also beware. Sadly, many students use the site as their own dating platform and unless the system senses a keyword that triggers a ban, the students get away with it (unless someone specifically reports it). The best thing you can do is to come "check on him" every so often. Or install a screen monitoring app. There's one (can't remember the name) that lets you view 20+ screens. It'll show you even the other tabs the person has open and will allow you to close certain tabs or- best of all - send a little message to your child's screen that lets him know he needs to be off Neighbors and doing school. If only I could remember the name of it.... Our local school district used it for their 7th graders because they didn't have a lockdown system.

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