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Switching from Power Homeschool to Accellus

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30 December 2021, 5:53


I saw there is a scholarship available for using Accellus but to save money is there a way I can use Power Homeschool for a while and then switch to Accellus so my daughter can get a diploma? Right now, we are not in a financial situation where we can afford $79 a month. When we are able, I would like to pay full price and give her a chance to earn her diploma. She wants to attend flight school after graduation and will need a diploma to do so. Any suggestions?  


30 December 2021, 7:52

Parents are welcome to transfer their students over to Acellus Academy when ready! To get started, you will want to complete our enrollment process online:

An ID and password will be issued for your student from Acellus Academy. They will be able to get started with our school immediately.

Students will need to start courses from the beginning in Acellus Academy. This is because we will be awarding credit upon completion of each class. Therefore, we will need to see that your student is proficient with all course material to reward this. 

If students plan to transfer any High School credits from Power Homeschool, they will need to fulfill the following requirements: Graduation & Transfer Credit Requirements.

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01 April 2022, 23:23

When we started using Power Homeschool in September, we had called support because we wanted to know if you had to pay to transfer PWR credits to Acellus Academy. He said not at this time. Is this still the case? My daughter is planning on transferring over for her final year in May, but 12+ credits wouldn't be very fun to pay for, at $15/one. Also, are certain courses only available for the Academy? I saw on a previous forum that you said traditionally they were available for all 3 programs. However, Principles of Agriculture is not available for PWR students. Also, on the Acellus website, it says there is a course called Science and innovation, but I'm not seeing it on the descriptions sector for either program.


Another question, (I was going to make a topic but the horrible ads are blocking that button), - How does the STEM-10 program work? I've looked into it on the website, however, when we got to the course descriptions page and the student course managment, there is only the first 3 classes of the ten year program. The robotics, advanced coding, and specialized HTML, Android, and iOS classes are not listed. There is no way to view descriptions for them, watch sample lessons/introductory videos,or even add them to her course load. Are these classes even available yet? Will they pop up once she has finished Introduction to Coding, and the other two STEM classes? I just think its a little weird that they aren't even listed on the website. 


And finally, we are often out and about. We wish to participate in the Roger Billings Scholarship once we begin the accredited program. It says that you can listen to it on Amazon music in the podcasts section, but it also states that you must comment on each video as verification of your attendance. How would this work on Amazon?

05 April 2022, 14:31

Currently, Acellus Academy is waiving the $15 transfer fee for Power Homeschool credits. However, we cannot guarantee this for future enrollments.


Please see the following link to see all High School Courses offered through Acellus Academy: 

Acellus STEM-10 is a ten-year coding program that starts as early as elementary. Acellus Academy currently only offers the first 3 STEM courses:

Students are more than welcome to tune into Science L!VE on Amazon Music. However, students must submit their responses online at or through the student portal.

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05 April 2022, 21:22

Thank you!

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