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Error message and unusable lessons

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05 January 2022, 11:52

My kids were having trouble with their lessons this morning. Two of them doing 2 different subjects got an error message that said "nice try ;)" when their lesson video ended and made them rewatch the video instead of letting them move on to the next lesson and answer questions. They tried another subject and after watching the video the same thing happened. We had to quit and not do any more lessons for the day. Why is this happening and how do we fix it? 

Thank you.



06 January 2022, 14:06

We apologize for the issue you encountered.

There was an error code that appeared after watching a video due to a piece of debug code. The debug code is used to make sure code updates are working properly before they get released to the field. This debug code didn’t get turned off when a new version of the code with enhancements was released.

This debug code has been disabled and the update was pushed out to all of our servers. We are putting measures in place to ensure the debug code is disabled during future code updates.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The system should be back to normal now.

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